We Repair, Restore & Install Sash Windows in Lewes

We're Sash Window Specialists, repairing and installing Sash Windows in Lewes and throughout East Sussex.

Famous for its history, the town of Lewes has many a tale to tell. Rumor has it the Roman settlement of Mutuantonis was there first. Then, following the invasion of the Nomans in 1066, William The Conqueror was awarded land alongside the river where he built the renowned Lewes Castle. It later played host to the Battle Of Lewes between King Henry VIII and Simon de Montfort in 1264.

Fast-forward a few hundred years and Lewes was once again the centre of activity during the Gunpowder Plot period, where Guy Fawkes was burnt at the stake in 1606. The town's rich heritage is reflected in it's buildings, playing host to architecture seeping with history.


There are an abundance of sash windows throughout the town and surrounding area, as well as hinged casement windows.


At Sash Window restorations we specialise in repairing, restoring and installing both types of tailor made windows and frames. Working in such interesting buildings requires a craftsman’s approach. We’re proud to work in Lewes and to be able to serve its people and businesses.

Our Lewes Sash Window Services


Our Specialist Sash Window Services are available in Lewes and the surrounding areas, including: Barcombe, Lindfield, Plumpton, Hailsham and throughout East Sussex.

Our Services Include


The restoration of Wooden Sash Windows


Installation of new handmade Sash Windows


Sash Window upgrades, renovations and replacements


Sash window Draught-Proofing and bead replacements


Different Sash Window glazing options suitable for listed buildings & energy saving requirements


Tailored Sash Window services, including:  moulding of original frames, colour matching and different security solutions

We are proud to be a member of Made In Britain

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