We Repair, Restore & Install Sash Windows in Horsham

We're Sash Window Specialists, repairing and installing Sash Windows in Horsham and throughout West Sussex.

Established around 947 AD, it is thought Horsham's name is derived from the words Horse Ham, based on originally being a place where horses were sold. Bizarley though, it wasn't mentioned in the Doomsday book. Since the 17th century, Horsham became a prominent brewery town and was also well established in the brickwork industry. Today it's more commonly known as an old market town. The three industries particularly thrived during and since the Victorian era, but unfortunately declined in the 20th century.

As Horsham's population grew, many buildings containing timber sash windows were built. Today Horsham plays host to three conservation areas and over 1,800 listed buildings. At Sash Window Restorations we take great pride in serving the people of Horsham. We repair sash windows as craftsmen and mould old sash windows that are beyond repair to produce replicas that match the old frames to maintain the property's original design.

Our Horsham Sash Window Services

Our Specialist Sash Window services are available throughout Horsham and the surrounding areas, including: Handcross, Cowfold, Lower Beeding, Southwater, Broadbridge Heath, Christ’s Hospital, Slinfold, Rowhook, Warnham and throughout Sussex.

Our Services Include

The restoration of Wooden Sash Windows


Installation of new handmade Sash Windows


Sash Window upgrades, renovations and replacements


Sash window Draught-Proofing and bead replacements


Different Sash Window glazing options suitable for listed buildings & energy saving requirements


Tailored Sash Window services, including:  moulding of original frames, colour matching and different security solutions

Horsham Sash Window Restoration in RH12

Here’s an example of a job we completed where we repaired Sash Windows in a Horsham listed building, RH12.


You can also review more case studies of other recent Sash Window repairs and installations in Horsham and throughout Sussex.



Timber Doors & Feature Window in Lower Beeding, RH13

Here’s an example of a pair of timber doors and a feature window we produced and installed in Lower Beeding, RH13.


If you would like to discuss repairing, restoring, or installing Sash Windows, or timber doors please contact us.



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