Sash Window Craftsmen in Littlehampton

We Repair, Restore & Install Sash Windows in Littlehampton

Our Sash Window Craftsmen specialise in repairing, restoring and installing new sash windows in Littlehampton and throughout Sussex.

Founded by the Saxons in the fifth century Littlehampton is full of history. By the 11th century it had become a small fishing port. During the reign of King Henry VIII it was famous for ship building, before returning to its roots as a fishing port in the 17th century. In the 1800's it became a seaside resort and became the home to some of Sussex's most exquisite pieces of architecture, fitted with sash windows.

Our Littlehampton Sash Window Services


Our Specialist Sash Window services are available throughout Littlehampton and the surrounding areas, including: Toddington, Wick, Climping, Atherington, Lyminster, poling and throughout Sussex.

Our Services Include


The restoration of Wooden Sash Windows


Installation of new handmade Sash Windows


Sash Window upgrades, renovations and replacements


Sash window Draught-Proofing and bead replacements


Different Sash Window glazing options suitable for listed buildings & energy saving requirements


Tailored Sash Window services, including:  moulding of original frames, colour matching and different security solutions

Littlehampton Sash Window Restoration in BN17

Here’s an example of a job we completed where we repaired Sash Windows in a Property in Littlehampton, BN17.


You can also review more case studies of other recent Sash Window repairs and installations in Littlehampton and throughout Sussex.



Sash Windows installed in Littlehampton, BN16

Here’s an example of Sash Windows we recently manufactured and installed into a home in Littlehampton.


If you would like us to visit you to discuss repairing, restoring, or installing Sash Windows in your building please contact us today.



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