Welcome to our new website

When we incorporated Sash Window Restorations in 2011, we repaired and restored sash windows, and we also installed newly manufactured sash windows.

We still do that, it’s what we love, however along the way we have been investing and developing our own manufacturing facilities right here in Sussex, UK and we’re proud to say that we now have the largest sash windows manufacturing plant in Sussex.

We’ve always been really proud of the work we deliver and whilst we continue to prioritise our time in serving our customers, we decided earlier this year that the time was right to really share what we’ve done and can do so we decided to create a new website, somewhere online our customers could visit and that we could call our home. We’re now delighted to announce the launch, right here, in our first blog post.

Our new site brings together the projects we’ve completed, what we do and our craftsmanship and service driven approach. We’ve designed it to be simple, easy to use, helpful and representative of Sash Window Restorations.

The new website will not only act as a catalogue of our work to date, but also a place where we can publish our industry knowledge, insights and recommendations.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

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