The Paint We Use

sash window painting

We’ve spent many years trying and evaluating various high-quality paints, searching for the perfect product for our sash window paint restoration work.

The paint we’ve concluded is the best on the market (and the most suited to our restoration work) is made by Teknos, an Oxfordshire company who have been making paint since 1948. They are now one of Europe’s leading suppliers of joinery coatings and a key producer of high-quality industrial, powder and architectural paints.

Flexible, breathable, protective

The Teknos paints we typically use are water based microporous paints specifically designed for exterior joinery. They contain specially formulated resin that, when dry, produces flexible, breathable and protective topcoats, allowing the window’s timber to move naturally through the seasons (and the corresponding changes in environmental conditions) whilst minimising the cracking and peeling that’s usually associated with traditional solvent based coatings.

Cost-effective solution

The bacterial, mould and UV resistant properties  make the Teknos products perfect for our work, even though the flexibility and hard-wearing nature of the paint likely means you won’t need to call on our services again for a very long time! In any case, we’d much rather do a great, high-quality and long-lasting job for our customers and get subsequent referral business and online recommendations than have to be called back prematurely because we used sub-optimal paint the first time round.

Colour matching

Here at Sash Window Restorations we are adept at successfully matching colours with the existing coatings on the property, including stains and varnishes. But achieving great results that blend seamlessly with other windows and exterior coatings involves more than simply colour matching. It takes years of professional experience to ensure that exactly the right product, volume application and equipment is used during a sash window restoration project. So if you need a job doing, and doing well, speak to the experts today.

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