Sash Windows Made In Britain

At Sash Window Restorations we are proud to be a member of ‘Made In Britain’


‘Made In Britain’ is a collective trademark for British manufacturers that is accredited to businesses and organisations that produce their products in Britain. To become a member businesses have to apply for the accreditation and provide documented evidence that they produce their goods within the UK before they are sold.



The aim of ‘Made In Britain’ is to unite the manufacturing community in Britain and offer consumers a trademark seal of approval that the products purchased via a MiB Member are indeed verified as being manufactured within the UK. 


The membership is available to manufacturers across 30 categories/sectors, ranging from chemical production, metals, machinery and vehicles through to clothing, cables, paper and packaging manufacturers. Essentially, every industry is covered. The wooden sash windows we manufacturer in our bespoke joinery workshop in Sussex sits within the ‘class 20’ category, which also includes furniture, picture frames and containers. 



At Sash Window Restorations we have been manufacturing our own sash windows in Sussex since Nathan, our founder started the business in 2009. We since became a member of ‘Made In Britain’ in December 2018 after successfully undergoing their accreditation process. 


As well as manufacturing sash windows near Brighton in Sussex, we are also very conscientious about our supply chain and how we manufacture our sash window frames. We call it ‘mindful manufacturing’ and it takes into consideration sustainability, efficiencies and the environment. When considering our suppliers we look at their locality, deforestation policy – only using timber suppliers that are FSC (forestry stewardship council) certified and their environmental policy. More information on this can be found on The Environmental Challenge blog in our website news section. 



We have become a ‘Made In Britain Member’ to further demonstrate our commitment to producing sash window frames in Sussex in our own joinery. All the sash windows we produce are specifically measured, designed and manufactured to each customer’s individual requirements. From surveying, to manufacturing and installing sash windows we take full ownership of our own independent end2end service and production delivery. 



If you would like to talk to us about a sash window repair in Sussex, a restoration or an installation of new sash windows please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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