Restoring Rotten Timber Frames

rotten sash windows

Rotten window timber can sometimes be plain to see but it can also be a hidden menace. For sash windows, repairing and restoring is generally preferable to replacing, especially when you have period windows.

When it comes to rotten timber, it’s a judgement call as to whether a window could or should be restored or replaced and a proper assessment should be conducted to ascertain whether a window is worth rescuing.

There will typically be a few different options available when dealing with rotten timber and – when carried out by professional specialists – repair and restoration work can be undertaken that will be good for many years, even under blustery, salty sea air conditions.

Self-investigation followed by expert assessment

Though it will take a sash window expert to make the aforementioned proper assessment, you can certainly start the investigation yourself if you wish! If you’ve detected what seems like rot in your sash window frame, a light poke around with a screwdriver can give a good indication of the extent of the issue.

Sometimes a serious rot problem may be hidden under layers of paint (which can disguise the onset and subsequent progress of the rotting process until it reaches a critical point). Other things can disguise rotten elements of the frame, such as layers of good (i.e. not rotten) timber, so be wary of that when investigating.

Our Survey: Restore, Repair or Replace?

At Sash Window Restorations we have our own joinery facilities here in Brighton, so if a screwdriver test proves to be quite damning of your window frame – if it goes right through or dislodges big flakes of wood without much pressure – then be assured that we can carry out a full bespoke sash window replacement where necessary.

If the rot doesn’t seem terminal, your best bet is to get us out to take a look so we can explore whatever various options are available and the costs involved before making a decision on how to proceed.

Restoration wherever possible

When we work to resolve issues of rotten timber, every case is different. We won’t necessarily remove all discoloured timber (once all soft, flaky wood has been removed) just because it’s discoloured, which usually indicates fungal spores.

This is because fungus and insects need specific conditions under which to do their dirty work, and if the discoloured wood is structurally sound and – following our repairs– will not be exposed to such conditions, such as consistent levels of moisture, then such parts of the frame may not need removing.

Essentially, as our name suggests, we prioritise restoration of beautiful, old windows, and as such, we do our utmost to preserve original features where it makes sense to do so, both in terms of cost efficiency and maintaining the desired aesthetics for our customers.

Need to discuss a rotten sash window frame problem? Give our friendly team a call now for a chat or to book a survey on 01273 796260. To learn more about our sash window restoration services, please click here.

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