Replacing Old Sash Window Cords

Why They Break

Why Ours Last

Everyone that has original period sash windows will at some point need to (or have needed to) replace the cords which hold the windows in place. The fact they should need replacing is perfectly understandable, as the braided cotton typically used for the original cords is organic matter after all, and thus cannot be expected to last forever – you may find that the ropes you’re replacing are 100 years old or more.


Inevitable demise

When a sash window is raised or lowered, the weights, attached to the sash by the cording, travel up and down in the hollow channels either side of the window, allowing the windows to stay open without any additional props or stays. It’s a functional system that’s served us well for centuries now with little change to the mechanics, but with anything that involves both regularly used mechanisms and organic material, something’s eventually got to give. So being antique in age and subject to the daily stresses of use, as well as baking sun, moisture and other environmental conditions – and good-old gravity – the old ropes are going to degrade over time, leading to fraying first, then breaking.

Other causes of degradation

And it’s not just years of regular use under weight that leads to the cords beginning to wear away. They’re often painted by careless contractors (you know who you are) or may become snagged by nails or hangers added in incorrect places.

The good news is, they’re relatively easy to replace (if you know what you’re doing, of course). Furthermore, things have come a long way in the world or sash cord construction, so once substituted, they’re most likely to outlive you by some margin!

Out with the old rope, in with the new…

Here at Sash Window Restoration we only use the highest-quality UK manufactured wax cotton sash cords, with a strengthened polyester core for added strength.  They come in various thicknesses meaning we can restore the ropes on any size sash window, no matter how large or small (or old).

Besides from the fact we know the cords we use are some of the best in the world, we’re very happy that we don’t need to look outside the UK for these products, which are integral to what we do, as it fits in with our company ethos of sourcing locally where we can’t make things ourselves and keeping our carbon footprint at the absolute minimum.

Have your sash cords seen better days or actually broken?

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