Sash Window Repair, Hove

sash window repair hove

Sash window refurbishment, with new sash window joinery, including Slimline double glazed replica sash windows throughout the house and a bespoke external balcony hardwood door. We also altered one of the ground floor bay windows to match the other adjacent window by removing a door and building it to be a complete solid bay window.

The work undertaken was to refurbish most of the existing sash window box frames and carry out extensive rotten repair work throughout the property. Once fully repaired we made and installed replica Slimline double glazed sash windows to match the character of the house.

We installed one bespoke hardwood balcony door to the first floor overlooking the front of the property, while also readjusting one of the ground floor bay windows to match one another. We removed a central door to one of the bays, carried out some brick to raise the level so that we could install a matching box to achieve a matching bay design.


During this process there we come across a unique moulding to the surrounding bay windows that had become badly rotten, to ensure that all repairs were authentic we had a set of cutters made to match the profile so that when repaired and fully decorated it was a perfect refurbishment with new energy efficient Slimline double glazed windows installed within the existing box frames.

Work Completed 

  • Rotten timbers repaired like new
  • Security locks upgraded throughout
  • New bespoke joinery
  • New bespoke double glazed Slimline sash windows
  • New bespoke double glazed external door



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