Upper Beeding

Refurbishment of existing sash windows and installation of new joinery throughout the property, including sash windows, bespoke French doors and a large feature window.

The customer came to Sash Window Restorations to refurbish some of their already existing double glazed sash windows. These windows had previously been manufactured and fitted poorly before the house was purchased by our customer. We also upgraded some of their rooms to have new double glazed sash windows to replicate the style of the property.

As well as the sash window refurbishments required we also produced and installed bespoke hardwood French doors, one set of these doors had a large feature window set above which allowed the customer to have a large view through the stairs on their property looking over the fields.


The house is now warmer and quieter due to having energy efficient double glazed glass. Extensive rot work was fully repaired at the same time which allowed the house to be redecorated shortly after without any fuss.

Work Completed

  • Servicing of existing sash windows
  • Draught proofing throughout property to all joinery
  • Rotten timbers repaired like new
  • Security locks upgraded throughout
  • New bespoke joinery
  • New double glazed sash windows
  • New bespoke double glazed French doors
  • New bespoke large feature window above French doors


Other works