Double Glazed Replica Sash, Brighton

Sash window restoration Brighton and Hove

Removal of a rotten bay sash window and installed a double glazed replica version

The original window was a lovely design but completely rotten and falling apart, the below supporting timbers were very rotten and full of fungus which had to be dealt with quickly to stop it spreading. Our customer asked us to build a matching equivalent bay window and carry out all of the necessary repairs. We designed this new bay window in a way that it would look completely original, with all the added benefits and draught proofing and warm double glazed glass.

The job went very well and the team worked around the clock to ensure that our customer had their warm house back to normal as quick as possible with minimum fuss.

Work Completed

  • Removal of old rotten box sash bay window
  • Install a new replica timber double glazed box sash bay window
  • Repair all of the lower surrounding timber structure and treat all fungus and rot infestation

Other works