Double Glazed Casement Sash Windows in Sompting

Three new double glazed casement sash windows and sash window frames. Repair of other existing sash windows in Sompting BN14, near Worthing.


The Survey

We were contacted by a previous customer that we had repaired sash windows in Worthing for. They have a portfolio of properties they offer for holiday lets. Having received several complaints from a number of tenants about another property’s sash windows in Sompting being hard to open, drafty and rattly they got back in touch with us. 



As we’ve worked with the customer before they were aware of our ‘repair first’ approach, rather than recommending that we produce new sash windows as the first port of call. When we met with them to complete the survey they explained that they were looking for a cost effective solution, but also that they wanted us to review all of the windows in the property. They didn’t want any further complaints or negative mentions through online reviews. At the same time they were keen to ensure the work completed would stand the test of time and help reduce the heating bill, which was considerably high due to the property being let out to holidaymakers on an all inclusive basis. 


During the survey we confirmed that we could restore most of the property’s sash windows onsite by replacing rotten and damaged timbers some of the windows had and draft proofing all of them. This just left us with three large casement sash windows. These were past a state of repair, so we quoted to manufacture new versions that would match the style of the old ones, ensuring continuity with the ascetics and features of the building and the other sash window frames. Then, to address the issue of helping reduce the heating bill we also proposed fitting the new casement sash windows with double glazed glass. 


The customer was really happy with our proposal and agreed to go ahead with the quotation. 


Restoring and installing 

The new casement sash windows were manufactured at our Sussex joinery facility, where we used specific cutters to match the detailing of the original sash windows and casings. They were then decorated and fitted with double glazed glass, before being taken to the property for installation. 



Upon attending the property to complete the work we started by repairing the sash windows we had proposed keeping and restoring. As we’d quoted, rotten and damaged timbers were replaced in several of the windows. We then draft proofed and fitted new locks and window furniture to all of the other sash windows within the property. Having restored all of the sash windows possible, we then set about installing the three new large double glazed casement sash windows


The work took six days to complete at the customer’s property. They were delighted with the outcome and we have since completed some minor sash window repairs on a couple of their other properties.  




Do you have sash windows in Worthing or West Sussex that you would like to be checked for repair? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help. 

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