Acoustic Glass & Sash Window renovation

Sound proofing with single glazed sash windows.

The customer had a cracked sash window pane in their master bedroom, which faced onto a busy road. They contacted us about replacing that and a few separate issues they were experiencing with the other sash windows within their home.


When we went to visit the customer and complete the survey, we identified a number of issues typically found in Victorian buildings. The sash windows throughout the property were operating with chains, rather than ropes. They were also concerned with the security of their windows and in particular the safety of their young children. Not to mention a complaint of draft coming in through the frames.


The customer told us that they were also experiencing external noise coming in through the bedroom windows. After taking a closer look we recommended keeping their existing sash window frames, but replacing all of the glass in their bedroom with an unrivalled single glazed acoustic glass. We explain the benefits of this and after showing them an example of the glass they happily took us up on the recommendation and now enjoy the space without noise coming in from outside.


There were quite a few different issues with the other windows in the property, to the extent that many window repair and installation businesses would have recommended installing new frames and boxes from the outset. We could have offered this option and manufactured the new sash window frames specifically for the customer in our manufacturing facility in Sussex. However, whilst the frames were in a bad state, we knew we could restore them and that the client was on a budget. We therefore made the following recommendations to the customer, which were kindly accepted and completed within just 6 days.



Replacement of chains with ropes, due to rust build up making the windows stiff and hard to open. Ropes offer a smoother opening and are easier and cheaper to maintain.


New security locks to restrict the opening of the lower sash pane. This was to prevent intruders and stop their younger children from being able to open the windows.


Sash window draft proofing by filling cavities in the frame with insulation beads.


The installation was completed successfully and expectations exceeded. We provided the customer with ongoing service recommendations. This included advice on how to care for the frames with their newly installed acoustic glass by covering the putty with weatherproof paint six weeks after the installation. Our care now, future proofs your sash windows.

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