Case Studies

rotten sash windows
February 28 2018

Restoring Rotten Timber Frames

Rotten window timber can sometimes be plain to see but it can also be a hidden menace. For sash windows, repairing and restoring is generally preferable to replacing, especially when…

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sash window painting
January 2 2018

The Paint We Use

We’ve spent many years trying and evaluating various high-quality paints, searching for the perfect product for our sash window paint restoration work. The paint we’ve concluded is the best on…

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November 29 2017

History of the Sash Window: Part 3

Glass glazing Throughout the Georgian period (1740 – 1830) the most common form of window glass used for less expensive windows was Crown. Crown was a blown glass with a…

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November 28 2017

History of the Sash Window: Part 2

Window tax A window tax was collected in England from 1696 through to its abolition in 1861. The time of its introduction coincided with the most significant functional and aesthetic…

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October 26 2017

Replacing Old Sash Window Cords

Why They Break Why Ours Last Everyone that has original period sash windows will at some point need to (or have needed to) replace the cords which hold the windows…

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